Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27, 2006

I added Collard Greens to my morning Green Lemonade this morning for some extra calcium. I read online that we need 1000 milligrams of calcium a day. I drank close to 30 ozs of Green Lemonade this morning.

I am also trying to get my 80 year old father in law to drink the juice too. He's old school and wonders if my husband and I are getting enough nourishment from not cooking.
It's amazing how wonderfully full you feel from drinking enzymes!

Our new juicer we got at Bed Bath And Beyond is amazing! It has over 800 watts of power and is beautiful stainless steel. I recommend it highly if you're interested in starting to juice! It can juice an entire apple at once! Also, its not very noisy at all! I don't wake anyone up with it!


Blogger Mary said...

Great idea on the blog site - I am very impressed & have added this to my favorites. We ended up buying a 10# bag of carrots this weekend & are juicing like crazy... have not added too much green yet except for broccoli & kale... thanks for the update. Do you also eat in the mornings or only juice... of course 30+ ounces is quite a bit of volume.
Well more later, mts

9:38 AM  

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