Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So Raw I forgot to EAT!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here is raw footage of me at our favorite store, IKEA! Jo on the phone
Today I listened to Revvell's interview of Angela Stokes ( my favorite raw food lady from

I love listening to Revvell's Radio shows while I work. I have learned so much about the raw food lifestyle from so many different perspectives!

Today I worked 12 hours straight and had:
64 ozs green juice
64 ozs green smoothie
10 pieces of celery
5 pieces of romaine and half of one avocado in a wrap with fresh parsley, dill, onion, lemon, garlic... and of course... red pepper!

I only had green juice and smoothies today. My sinuses totally cleared up... I noticed a lot of elimination there today too! I had so much energy at Starbucks while I worked tonight I could hardly quit working. (no coffee or tea while I work by the way) I forgot to eat my baby carrots I had so much energy!

I've been working on having a more positive attitude at work . Everyone around me seems so sick and tired and bummed out. I smile all the time at work. Enzymes really do wonders!


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