Wednesday, May 03, 2006


If I had any doubts about my protein requirements..... they are now officially gone! I stumbled upon a nice website while I was searching for raw food recipes today!
I can't believe how wonderfully and masterfully designed our bodies are! We can make and recycle our protein! Lettuce is 29% protein! I never would have guessed! Men can actually be body builders on a raw food diet! wow! check him out!

Anyway, my favorite splurge this week are DATES from Marsh's Produce section. (the only place I can find them in town!). I never even liked dates, of course, I probably ate maybe 3 pieces of fruit a week as a kid. .. but DATES are the yummiest things ever! Why would anyone want to eat a candy bar? these things totally hit the spot sweetness-wise. They are tiny little raw caramels! I'm also eating baby carrots too. Love that vitamin A! I ate an entire bag today!
I've also calculated I'm getting well over 800 mcgs of Vitamin K a day in my morning green lemonade alone. No wonder I rarely bruise anymore! Vitamin K is also great for preventing arterial plaque, heart disease, building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis... and may prevent Alzheimer's disease (

Yes, I have the habit of trying to change everyone around me. .. even my doggie. She's 12 now.... Two years ago, the vet told me she had cancer... blah blah blah. She's still kickin! I have her on a raw food diet too. She acts like a puppy. She runs up and down the stairs, runs through the yard after kitties.. yells at Newfoundlands like she's the boss. (She is) I feed her raw turkey with our leftover scraps from juicing every day. (She doesn't know she's so darn healthy)